Welcome to Beatbox Guru

Hel­lo I’m Tik­Tak and wel­come to Beat­box Guru. The pur­pose of this project is to share the knowl­edge of top beat­box cham­pi­ons with you. Instead of doing anoth­er snare tuto­r­i­al we will present long, in-depth inter­views focus­ing on the atti­tude, prac­tice habits and mind­set of world’s top beat­box­ing gurus. Once you get into the the cham­pi­ons mind, you’ll be able to improve your cre­ativ­i­ty, win bat­tles and pro­mote your­self as a musi­cian. Get your inspi­ra­tion at beatbox.guru and all of our social media list­ed below.

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