TikTak’s Paradiddle tutorial

TikTak’s Paradiddle tutorial


TikTak’s Paradiddle tutorial transcript

Hi this is Tik­Tak from beatbox.guru and today I’m gonna show you beat­box para­di­dles in this para­did­dle tuto­r­i­al.

Para­di­dles are basic drum rudi­ments that are often used for learn­ing drum pat­terns and hand coor­di­na­tion in drum­ming on a drum set. Para­di­dles use alter­nat­ing Left and Right hand strokes to orga­nize your rhythm. It’s a great exer­cise for drum­mers and a few years ago I’ve adapt­ed it for beat­box­ing as well.

For a sin­gle para­di­dle you keep fol­low­ing this pat­tern of eighth notes in a 4/4 metrum: ‘R(ight) R(ight) L(eft) R(ight) L(eft) L(eft) R(ight) L(eft)’. So there’s one, two, one, one and then the oth­er way round: two, one, two, two. If we use beat­box drum sounds in this pat­tern, it’s impor­tant to choose sounds that don’t use the same parts of your mouth. I’ve cho­sen the kick P and the rimshot K. Using them in the sin­gle para­di­dle, we get “P K P P K P K K”. After a few rep­e­ti­tions you’ll learn it by heart eas­i­ly. Start by prac­tic­ing slow and then grad­u­al­ly increase the tem­po.

After a while, we can com­pli­cate things a bit.

Let’s switch the pat­tern a bit, by mov­ing the first sound to the end of the pat­tern. This results in “K P P K P K K P”. Then we can alter­nate the first and the sec­ond pat­tern. Try it and don’t get lost! Lat­er, we can add a third pat­tern, by mov­ing anoth­er sound from the begin­ning to the end of the pat­tern. This way we get a third pat­tern and more pos­si­bil­i­ties to switch that around.

When you get bet­ter and bet­ter in switch­ing pat­terns, you can switch sounds inside the pat­terns. For exam­ple, switch the kick for a hi-hat and switch the rimshot for an elec­tro snare — and play around with it even more.

As a bonus, try what’s called a “dou­ble para­di­dle”. It goes like: “P K P K P P K P K P K K”, so “one two one two one one, two one two one two two”. You can also dis­place the rhythm, I mean move the first sound to the end of the pat­tern, mak­ing it even more fun!

Enjoy the para­di­dle tuto­r­i­al and please show me some oth­er ways that you use them in your beat­box prac­tice!

Paradiddle tutorial for drumming

For addi­tion­al prac­tice, check out this para­did­dle tuto­r­i­al for drum­ming:



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