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Ever had problems with your beatboxing progress? Get your 1-to-1 beatbox coaching!

TikTak has been a beatboxing coach and teacher for over 14 years now. He's had hundreds of workshops on all advancement levels. From preschool kids to beatbox champions. He's working mainly in Warsaw, Poland - but now you can practice 1-on-1 in the comfort of your home.

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Tik­Tak has been a beat­box­ing coach and teacher for over 14 years now. He’s had hun­dreds of work­shops on all advance­ment lev­els. From preschool kids to beat­box cham­pi­ons. He’s offer­ing per­son­al beat­box coach­ing in War­saw, Poland — but now you can prac­tice with him in the com­fort of your own home.

TikTak can teach you:

  • beat­box basics (kick, hi-hat, snare)
  • basic rhythms (funk, swing, dub­step, dnb, reg­gae)
  • beat­box warm-up
  • beat­box pow­er work­out (loud­ness and speed)
  • breath­ing in beat­box­ing (from pranaya­ma to fast micro­breaths)
  • bass and har­mon­ic tech­niques
  • throat bass (aka deep bass, Kar­gyyra)
  • vocal scratch­ing
  • jam­ming in a group
  • plan­ning and set­ting-up cov­ers
  • live loop­ing tech­niques (with Boss RC-505)
  • plan­ning your beat­box set (from intro to drop)
  • inter­act­ing with the audi­ence (calls, ener­gy con­trol)
  • stage psy­chol­o­gy (lead­er­ship, killing stage fright)

If you find your­self stuck in any of these themes, don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact me for beat­box coach­ing and I will help you. We will use Skype or any oth­er video com­mu­ni­ca­tor that you might pre­fer, like Face­book.


It can be dif­fi­cult to be a begin­ner at things. It can be frus­trat­ing and pain-stak­ing but Patryk has helped being a begin­ner beat­box­er easy, fun, and doable. I want­ed to start inte­grat­ing some beat­box­ing into my music and per­form­ing as a singer-song­writer in Nashville and came across Patryk (Tik­Tak). I signed up for my first les­son and was absolute­ly hooked!!

Patryk is not only an incred­i­ble beat­box­er but also has an amaz­ing tal­ent for teach­ing beat­box­ing. He is patient and makes lessons so fun and enjoy­able! I have already seen such incred­i­ble improve­ment in such a short time and have even real­ized how beat­box­ing lessons have improved my vocals and breath­ing! I’m look­ing for­ward to many more lessons in the future and inte­grat­ing what I’ve learned on the stage!

Camille got TikTak's beatbox coachingCamille Nel­son
singer, song­writer
Nashville, USA



What do you want to sound like?

What do you want to sound like? Get beatbox coaching!

How to get beatbox coaching

  1. Buy this prod­uct and pay via Pay­Pal. Choose as many hours as you need.
  2. I will receive the con­fir­ma­tion and e‑mail you with my pre­ferred date and hours. You can also sug­gest your pre­ferred time of meet­ing. Give me a cou­ple of options if pos­si­ble.
  3. We meet on Skype (mine is zegar­tik­ta­ka) at a set time and do our thing 🙂
  4. If you rec­om­mend my beat­box coach­ing to a friend, ask me for a dis­count coupon!

I speak English and Polish fluently

I speak Eng­lish and Pol­ish flu­ent­ly, also a bit of Span­ish and Ger­man. The beat­box coach­ing usu­al­ly works in Eng­lish. If you need oth­er lan­guages, please make sure it is ok before buy­ing the les­son.

I per­son­al­ly guar­an­tee that you will progress faster with my help!

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