Beatbox e‑book “Human Beatbox Personal Instrument”


It’s world’s first beat­box e-book manual! Learn the secrets of beat­bo­xing, improve your speaking, learn to bre­athe more effi­cien­tly and per­form great on- and off-stage. This book will help you improve your skills in more ways than you think.

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“Human Beat­box — Per­so­nal Instru­ment” as a com­pe­hen­sive beat­box e‑book cov­er­ing all the skills you need to start beat­box­ing and progress fast.

The author

Writ­ten by Patryk Tik­Tak Matela — a beat­boxer, vocal coach and author with over 12 years of expe­rience. Tik­Tak is also the co-orga­niz­er of Pol­ish Beat­box Bat­tle, a pio­neer com­bi­ning beat­box with uni­que sty­les from all over the world. He’s per­form­ing all over Europe and teach­ing beat­box­ing to any­body from preschool kids to beat­box cham­pi­ons.

Pay what you want

This beat­box e‑book is sold at an unpre­ce­den­ted pay what you want price. That’s right! The sug­ge­sted price is $19, but you name the final price.

Beatbox e‑book features:

  • 214 pages of easy-to-under­stand beat­box knowl­edge
  • includ­ing 110 pages full of col­or pic­tu­res and illus­tra­tions
  • inte­rviews with two beat­box pio­neers
  • nume­rous vocal excer­cis­es
  • tech­ni­ques for bre­ath and artic­u­la­tion
  • how to ope­rate audio equip­ment
  • aco­ustics and audio effects explained
  • auto­pre­sen­ta­tion and inte­rac­ting in a band
  • beat­box games and exer­ci­ses that deve­lop your skills

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