“Human Beatbox — Personal Instrument” printed book


If quality is impor­tant for you, buy the beat­box manual in print — var­ni­shed cover, over 100 color pages inc­lu­ding high-quality pho­tos and illu­stra­tions. Read com­for­ta­bly on paper. You dese­rve it.

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  • 214 pages in A5 for­mat
  • 110 pages full of col­or pic­tu­res and illus­tra­tions
  • inte­rviews with two beat­box pio­neers
  • nume­rous vocal excer­cis­es
  • tech­ni­ques for bre­ath and artic­u­la­tion
  • how to ope­rate audio equip­ment
  • aco­ustics and audio effects explained
  • auto­pre­sen­ta­tion and inte­rac­ting in a band
  • beat­box games and excer­ci­ses that deve­lop your skills

Table of contents

  1. Intro­duc­tion
  2. Past & Future
  3. Beat­box fit­ness
  4. The basics of vocal per­cus­sion
  5. Feel the rhythm!
  6. Bass, melody & scratch­es
  7. Voice pro­jec­tion and breath­ing
  8. Micro­pho­nes
  9. Inte­rac­tion in a band
  10. Cause a scene
  11. Record after the beep
  12. Beat­box glos­sary

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